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Re: Schmerzhafteste Methode

geschrieben von FemboyWithoutEarrings am 26.06.2016 um 12:05:23 - als Antwort auf: Schmerzhafteste Methode von Tina
What an exciting question to ponder... -I also think that having ears pierced using a very hot needle would be one of the most painful methods. I think the technique would be a little bit of a challenge if the final result has to be a good one though and also I think that, despite being very painful during the procedure, the earlobe would probably be somewhat numbed afterwards with nerve endings cauterized by the hot needle.
There is another method I have thought a lot about, which I think would both be very painful during the procedure and also cause the ear to be very sore and painful for a long while after the piercings were done... -And that would be if the ears were pierced using the type of punching pliers used for leather smithing, where a smaller diameter punch could be used to take out a tiny piece of the earlobe to make the hole. The punches in these pliers are quite dull and it would take a lot of force to pinch the earlobe hard enough for it to penetrate the lobe and make the hole. The wound canal would cover quite a larger surface area than those made using any needle and I imagine that the earlobes would be horribly painful and sore afterwards for a long time... Also I think that if holes were made in the earlobes this way, followed by the insertion of earrings thick enough to fill out the entire space removed by the punch (say 2 mm.) then the holes would probably become utterly and irreparably permanent and not able to grow shut ever, even given just a few days to heal.

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