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Re: Interessanter Thread (Englisch)

geschrieben von delen am 26.06.2016 um 16:26:12 - als Antwort auf: Re: Interessanter Thread (Englisch) von FemboyWithoutEarrings

Wow I am kind of proud of seeing this thread on Femalefirst being referred to here so many years after! I am the guy who started it (username Dane) and it became such a long thread with so many experiences and ideas being shared by a lot of people. Two of the people who contributed accounts of their experiences became dear chat-friends of mine for years after and we enjoyed many chats of sharing views, ideas and experiences about our ear piercing/earring obsessions.

Hi, nice to meet you!

If you're still interested in "Ear piercing bevor 'the gun' was invented", you should take a look here:

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