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Re: Immer noch meine Ohren 2

geschrieben von Marc am 11.04.2017 um 05:18:28 - als Antwort auf: Re: Immer noch meine Ohren 2 von NiMan
 Waldi, Helène,

I found his website by coincidence.
I also wear earrings in both ears. When I read the answers of Waldi : this was also in the beginning with me the case, wearing long earrings and hoops only at home.
But nowadays I also wear dangling earrings at work sometimes. In the beginning I got surprised reactions, but it is now accepted that I like to wear this.

Men should just do so, and don't mind the reactions.

can you let us have a look at your ears with the earrings in, so that we can imagine how they look like... would apreciate that very much ;-)

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